Here’s what I know to be true as of August 31, 2013:

  1. This is a map tracing the movements of the Jade around the world. DSCN2554
  2. The Jade has left me a hefty amount of tasks to complete in order to find her (see 30 before 30)
  3. I have actively been searching for the Jade for the past three years.
  4. I have started to document my efforts and discoveries since last year when I first learned about the Jade’s whereabouts in Japan (see previous efforts at 365 Sakura Steps)
  5. The Jade has departed Japan.
  6. I have departed Japan.
  7. The Jade has been spotted in China where she can embed herself in the 1.3 billion physically similar people in that country.
  8. I am now in China
  9. I must find the Jade before I’m 30, or else.
  10. The Jade is my Great Perhaps (See About to find out what that is).

Welcome to the search.


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