1.1 / 10 things I love about new beginnings

Yes, the first post ever, is a list. Because I am crazy about lists, that’s why.

  1. Live in a new place: who can deny the thrill of having a new address? That’s what your 20s are for! I plan to have my life in 2 suitcases plus a carry-on for at least one or two more years before I pick a place and grow some roots.
  2. Make new friends: Meeting new people is just splendid. Everyone has different stories which are equally intriguing, and taking the time to listen to those stories are just magnifique!
  3. Conquer new challenges: personally, I don’t like change. Change is outside of my comfort zone because it brings uncertainty and an unknowing amount of pain and hardship. But those are what gives a person character, and I am all about building character and slaying dragons.
  4. Take on a new persona: no one knows who you are here, so you can invent a brand new personality, new habits, goals, whatever you want for yourself. I’m thinking superhero persona: green spandex, green suit and I’ll call myself, the Jade Warrior.
  5. Lead a new lifestyle: now is the perfect time to try out that vegetarian diet you’ve wanted to pursue for sometime, or a new exercise regime. All this belly fat has got to go this year.
  6. Have a clean slate: all of your old troubles and mistakes are left in another place. This is fresh ground to start again, but with a more experienced and knowledgeable mind.
  7. Experience a new culture: oh the smell of fresh cultural quirks and history is in the air.
  8. Pick new adventures and things to try out: maybe there are student clubs at your university/college/work place/city/town/whatever that didn’t exist in your old place. Go check it out!
  9. Blog about new things: enough said.
  10. Take my mom and dad to new places: my mom and dad always comes to visit me wherever I go. I love seeing their curious faces when they pop their heads out of the welcome hall of the airport. It’s about time I give a little back to these loving folks.

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