2.1 The Fabled Place

Three days in and I still wasn’t over jetlag.

So what does one do when one wakes up constantly before 5am? Skype and jog.

Skype because 5am in China is 2pm in Vancouver, so it’s a good chance my parents are awake.

Jog because I need exercise and right now, I’ve still got the motivation to get my lazy behind out of my dorm room and into the fresh, cool morning air.

And what a great decision that was.

Of course, being right across the street from Beijing University (here on out referred to by its endearing Chinese name: Beida or 北大), I ran onto campus and toward the No Name Lake, also referred to as Weiming (未名湖) Lake. It’s a fabled place for a reason:

I went before the sun was fully awake. The sky has been persistently blue for the last two days, and this day as well. I was in a state of pleasant surprise.

On my way to a slimmer tummy, I came across this piece of loveliness standing by its lonesome. Jogging through history here, people!

And this amazing classroom.

Of course, Weiming Lake would nothing without its iconic million-layered pagoda.

Exercise and sightseeing, plus a whole lot of errands done and done. Friday was a great day.


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