17.1 / 5 Annoying People at the Library

Being a student means having two homes: your dorm room and the usual spot at the library.

With the amount of time I’ve been spending at Peking University’s grand, central library, I should seriously consider paying rent. But at least I’m not one of the students with a pillow and her computer chained up to the desk (no seriously, there are students who use a combination lock to keep safe their laptops).

1. The Whisperer(s). The library is a place for quiet studying. It is not a place for friends to hang out and whisper to each other gossip of the day. No matter how lightly you whisper, you will still be heard and annoying. So step into a coffee shop where you can speak at normal volume and carry a real conversation, instead of irritating everyone around you with your incessant chatter.

2. The Socialite. This is the student who sits down with one book, and never touches it. Instead, his thumbs are jumping around like tadpoles over the screen of his phone. The entire 5 hours, he sits besides you and while you are trying not to pull your hair out in frustration at how to start your 5,000-word paper, he twiddles away the time smiling and sometimes even daring to laugh out loud at the conversation happening on his phone.

3. The Hogger. This is the student who takes up an unnecessarily large amount of space on the shared table for eight. He has no boundaries, his books and materials are splattered everywhere instead of being stacked up so others will have the space they deserve. It doesn’t take a genius to stack up materials. You don’t even have to do it neatly, you just have to learn to conserve space and be considerate.

4. The Clicker. There is this annoying habit many people do, where they won’t stop clicking their pens. It’s not irritating when you yourself do it, but when others commit the act, it is the number one most blood-boiling sound in the world, especially when it echoes down the quiet halls of a library.

5. The Popular. Put on your phone on silent, proper silent, not vibrate, but absolute silent. When you don’t, make sure you aren’t Mr. Popular because everyone at the table feels and hears every vibration that comes with a new message that you receive. If you wanted the world to know you are in-demand, go join a popularity contest.

And there you have it folks, a rant disguised as a list, looking important and everything. You may or may not have figured it out, but I am not a coffee shop student unlike many of my other friends here. I study best in the quiet, calm atmosphere among the books, with Beethoven or Bach playing softly into my ears.

Where do you study? Or are you one of the few lucky ones who doesn’t have four papers and a thesis hanging over your head like daggers?


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