20.1 ‘Tis the Season To Study

‘Twas the night before Christmas…

9PM strikes. What was Jade doing? Her eyes were scanning the pages and pages of articles and concentrated information  across the computer screen.

Every Christmas Eve, I always liked to stay up through the night, play games, watch movies and wait for the morning sun to rise so I could open those presents just sitting there mocking me.

This Christmas Eve, I stayed up all night like any other. Except of course, the activities that took up my night was completely out of this world. I was studying for a final exam, which was due to be taken the next evening. Yes, you heard me right, an exam on Christmas Day to get us all in the spirit!

Who said China doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

Hopefully Santa comes bearing easy exam questions and a few A++s. I doubt it thought, I’ve been naughty this year.

If you do ever spend your Christmas here in this non-Christian country, don’t fear (unless you are a student here) because even though majority of Chinese people don’t celebrate this holiday, the business world does. You can get all your Christmas spirit in the malls, restaurants and amusement places around town. Just because it’s not a national holiday does not mean the commercial interest in it gets squandered. They still want your money this holiday season and they have constructed gigantic Christmas trees (out of beer bottles no less) to show you where exactly to find Santa (that is, if you have the fat wallet necessary for that privilege).

Being a broke student on the other hand, makes this season a rather cold, and lonely one. The only thing that kept me going was all the “Merry Christmas” greetings I got, plus a few close friends to eat Korean-style food for Christmas dinner.

New Years Eve and New Years won’t be any different. I will be buried under research articles, trying to finish up three papers. No matter! Spring Festival break is just around the corner and that is something China is proud and loud about.

When in China, celebrate as the Chinese do.

Merry late Christmas and Happy early New Year! Have a good one.


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