23 The Singapore Way


That was the magical date from which my vacation in hot, sweaty, gorgeous Singapore finally began back in January.

The first place I beelined for, was of course, the Marina Bay. Well, across from it.


What a beauty.

I also got some love in Sentosa.


A big, lovely smile from a stingray.


And some actual loving, from two more amazingly-patterned stings.

I did end up making it across to the other side, onto Marine Bay and spent a warm, leisurely evening stroll through the Gardens By Marine Bay. All the flowers and assorted greenery I drank in at its Cloud Forest will be in another post, coming up shortly.


It was the day I scaled to the top of the top. The all-mighty, all-infinite, infinity pool.

I’ve always dreamed of going up there, living the rich life, even if it were only for one night. It was more magical and fantastic than I ever imagined. I was the king of the world (to borrow from Titanic).


It was a great kickoff to four days of splendid well-deserved, much-waited-for vacation. And I savoured every last minute of it.

The room was rather small, but very elegantly put together. The balcony was just as big as the entire room. I didn’t really understand what all that open-space was for. It’s not like anyone would barbecue on the 40th floor. But it did hold a panoramic sweep of the Gardens by the Bay and beyond.

Here was one of the other spectacular eye-candy I got to have from my hotel room in Tower 3.


Very-London-esque, if I do say so myself. Foreshadowing? Perhaps.


It was a wonderful life, even if I only got to live it for one night.

These are just some of the highlights from my trip. Those days of shorts and sleeveless tops seems like such a long time ago, especially since I am back in unforgivingly smoggy and shivering Beijing winter again.

Next up, some colourful flowers to reign in the Spring.


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