40. On The Road


The mountains raise their majestic barren heads only to be subverted by the group effort of the thousands upon thousands of pine trees. And as the road curved to meet its destination, the two would compete for the highest honour of being part of the celestial blue. Wave upon wave of green would crash upon the shores of the mountain base, conquering some while barely scratching the rims of others.

For a moment the trees seem to have claimed victory, but as we moved onward, the glacier giants would reemerge to challenge the hegemony of the masses.


Finally, the rivers of ice and turquoise would cut through both to form a bond, washing away the envy and greed, flowing from the tallest rocky peaks down to touch the lowest of branches, shaping the mountaintops and breathing life into the pines.

There is now harmony.

Stone giants and leafy soldiers at peace with one another, coexisting to create this beautiful paradise beyond words.




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