42. Five dangers of becoming a bibliophile


  1. Drowning. With nearly 130 million books in the world, it’s a small wonder bibliophiles are still alive and breathing instead of buried under a landslide of even 1/100 of that many books. At the moment, I have only a few dozen books sitting in front of me, but I can still feel my eyes wander at times, sneaking a peek here and there at the potential love affairs while still involved with the open pages in my hands. Sometimes, I would walk into a collection so great and dedicated that my breath would catch in my throat and I’d go slightly red from the breathtaking-ness of its grandeur. Which leads to my second point…

  2. Indecision. Life-crippling indecision. When one book closes, a hundred others open and jump up at you, with covers hoping, begging, screaming to be flipped open (kind of like those rare and exotic volumes in the Restricted Section of the magical Hogwarts Library). Some of them are just so irresistible that you have to possess it, which leads to…

  3. Poverty. There is an inability of bibliophiles to walk out of a bookstore without at least purchasing one item. Usually, we are balancing a good, solid dozen. Our bags may be heavy with paper, but our wallets are as light as feather. Our bank accounts are nearly non-existent.

  4. Anti-socialization. We like to read in the sun, in the rain, on cloudy days, on stormy or clear nights. We like to read at the library, the coffee shop, the park, on the bus, in the local bar, on a random bench we found, at the bus stop, on the curb, basically anywhere and everywhere at any time. We don’t usually intend to appear anti-social, in fact, we probably would love to engage you in a conversation. Just, don’t talk about the weather or how you don’t read. Please.

  5. Joy. Overwhelming, never-ending, heart-bursting happiness. We could have the worst possible day, come home and one look at those delicious, beautiful books on the shelves would pull us right back out of our own tragedies, and into the mind-spinning, heart-pounding, body-numbing, comforting tragicomedies of characters and personalities. One look at those intricate covers and fantastical stories and we are home.

So what are you waiting for? Join the club! That perfect book, it’s out there, patiently, quietly and sweetly waiting for you.

Happy discovering!


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