50. Drinking Culture

They drink early, and they drink often.

This is the great country of the drinkers.

I first noticed the drinking culture when they served up wine at our orientation reception. Then, I started to notice the pubs around the corners and down the streets of the LSE campus. Then came the strange flood of people who all crowded around the entrances of these pubs, with beers in hand, at lunchtime.

Then one friday night, we couldn’t squeeze our way into a pub down by the Strand because there was a massive load of people. It happened again one saturday night, and again, and again.

So now, I expect wine and even a corona or two at any school event with the words “refreshments provided” on their advertisement posters. I expect to see students and non-students alike, holding a jug of beer or two at noon. I expect to see people drunk and stumbling about on the streets as early as 9pm. I expect to hear insane stories of pub crawls and I-barely-made-it-home-this-morning madness in the middle of the week.

They definitely don’t like to stay sober. And I’m not the only one taking notice: The Telegraph, The Guardian and the WHO.

This is definitely not a place to start a dry-term regiment, but I am stubborn and defiant. This semester, I am determined to stay as far away from alcohol as I mentally and humanly can.

Cheers to that!


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