01. Happy New Year!

It has been exactly two months and four days since I disappeared.

I can offer no excuse except to say that my life has been in upheaval these past months, of which I do not yet feel comfortable to disclose into the void that is the Internet. But that does not stand as an excuse, merely a frustratingly vague explanation for my absence.

Apologies, sincere apologies all around. However…

A new year, a fresh start!

2014 ended with a sore throat and a dazzling bang.

My flatmates, their friends and I partook in the the Lord Mayor’s New Years Eve Fireworks over the Thames. Our tickets were at the ready for almost a month, and we were more than thrilled.

Two hours before midnight, after some much-required pre-celebration (ie. food and drinks, lots of drinks), we arrived at Westminster Bridge. I thought it would be a long wait out in the December cold, but the bridge was so packed and we were well-warmed by the pre-celebrations that the temperature was completely manageable. They had set up a really good loudspeaker system and Top 40 hits kept coming on. There was nothing to do but dance. So we did. Dancing and singing, along with a few other buzzed party groups. My favourite was when Mr. Brightside came on and the host asked everyone to sing along (why yes, it is playing in my ears even now. Of course.) Everyone knew the song. It was a moment of union. And who doesn’t love that kind of positive, communal experience? I will never be able to listen to that song without being reminded of how great it was on that bridge.

Because it is a rare and precious thing to be able to say you’ve partied on Westminster Bridge, and have the skies be incredibly clear. We couldn’t believe our luck with the weather!


When the final moments came around, the host put on some tense pulsing background music for the last 3 minutes. All around, anticipation electrified the air. Then, came the countdown and we all joined in.


My feet and fingertips began tingling. Thoughts of complete disbelief flooded my mind. Another year, in a blink of an eye.


I looked around at the people I was with for these last moments of 2014 and smiled. Although I’ve only known my flatmates for a few short months, we’ve gotten along so well that I was more than happy to have been able to spend this New Years Eve with them.


That sense of community and togetherness in one experience with hundreds of others who you don’t know and may never meet, somehow, amplified everything.



The first release.

The sky, the water, everyone’s faces, all lit up by an explosion of light and sound from the Eye.

2015 had arrived.

And everything was bright.


Until the next day, when London reverted to its natural gloom.

But no matter, I definitely wouldn’t mind spending another New Years Eve here.

Happy New Year. May it be as fantastical as the fireworks were!


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