02. 2014 in Review


It has been another extraordinary year. I have done a great many things. I have learned a great many things. I have come to love a great many more people.

Here are my top 10 moments of 2014, in no particular order:

1. Being with family on Chinese New Year. It was the first time since 2012 and only 2 times out of the 14 years since I’ve moved to Canada that I’ve been able to spend Chinese New Year with my grandparents and extended family. Although my parents couldn’t fly over, making dumplings and having my grandmother fall asleep halfway through the CNY show with her Asian glow are some of my fondest memories of 2014.
2. Sitting out in the courtyard at 10pm, eating ice cream. On a beautiful, spring and early summer’s evening, there was nothing better than calling a friend or two out, buying some Magnum’s and enjoying each other’s company.
3. Ordering 10RMB cafes and getting the second refill for free. On days that seem endless because of deadlines, on mornings with a hangover to nurse, these cups of coffee were lifesavers.
4. Curling up in bed to start movie nights Towards the end of the second semester at Peking U, there were many of these. It wasn’t so much the films as it was the company. One particularly fond night involved fried chicken delivered from McDonald’s at 2am.
5. Eating breakfast at 4 in the morning. Whether that’s due to a night of great partying or a paper that has just been conquered, 4am at the Bridge is when the early-bird discount starts. They make a pretty decent American and Continental breakfast.
6. Taking walks around Weiming Lake at midnight. Sometimes, when my room gets too crammed and my head gets too congested, these late-night walks are a must. You don’t encounter much people, and the ones who are there are either swirling in their own little worlds or are needing to quietly air out some thoughts just like you. It was some of the best and most beautiful solitary moments in the city.
7. Hanging up fairy lights in my London room. One of the very first things I put up in my new abode. It signalled the beginning of my London adventures.
8. Sitting around the kitchen with all my flatmates for the first time. These guys have made my time here a hundred fold better than it would have been. They are so social, vivacious, brilliant and quirky. That first meeting in the kitchen would be the start of a beautiful year.
9. Crossing the Waterloo Bridge everyday. The sight of the Thames, flanked by the Eye, Parliament and some of London’s glory made me smile, even on some of my worst days here. It still does, to this day. It is true, “when you get tired of London, you get tired of life.”
10. Being here in this cafe. This cafe, and several others littered around campus, will be where I spend most of my time outside of my room. It is where I will binge eat cake. It is where I will fall sleep on couches. It is where I will nest and accomplish majority of my academic milestones this year. It is where I will have countless conversations light and deep over a steaming cup of tea. It is where some of my fondest memories of 2015 will emerge, hopefully.

These and so much more.

Thank you for a great year. Thank you to all my friends, old and new, for being in my life and dealing with my weirdness. Thank you to my mum and dad for sponsoring me and for loving me no matter how bratty I get. I hope I’ve helped make some great memories for you too.

If not, there’s always 2015!


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