05. Not Another New Year Resolution


I am the type of person who makes resolutions.

But this year, I am giving them a different name: New Year Goals.

Yes. Goals.

Goals say they are detailed and more attainable. Goals say I’m not your typical New Year Resolution Making basic chick. Goals say…

Basically the same thing as resolutions.

But I’m hoping to fool my brain into actually, actively and consistently pursuing them instead of spending a day seriously thinking about them and then promptly go on to forget every last one of them before the first week of the new year has even unfolded.

So, my 10 goals for 2015 are as follows.

1) 30 books before 12:00am 2016. Once again, I am pursuing this. If I keep at it, eventually, I’ll wear it down. Right? Also, a sub-clause (because that makes it sound substantial and serious): 5 of these have to be non-fiction.

2) Exercise at least 3 times a week. This will consist of me trying to outrun the jogging machine, and then promptly falling on my face because I am an uncoordinated idiot. But that will still keep me healthier than sitting all day. Plus, squats, all day every day!

3) Study French in half hour blocks at least twice a week. My struggle with this language has been eight years going on nine. French might hate me, but it has got to admit, we were meant to be together (unwilling) forever.

4) Study Japanese at least twice a week. A new language to fight and wrestle with. Yey.

5) …And Chinese for at least twice…a week…as well… 

6) Graduate. I mean, this is what I should be achieving anyway. But I thought, why not throw it in here for good measure.

7) Be financially self-sufficient by end of summer 2015. This include being able to pay my own rent and shopping impulses, while still keeping myself fed.

8) Make new friends. Yes, another one of those, I-should-be-doing-this-anyway. But it’s here to remind that that it’ll be much, much harder to make new friends once I’m out of school.

9) Make one big life change. Vague. Now this sounds like a resolution pretending to be a goal. So I will give it a bit more substance. What I mean are things like, have my own place (proper place, not student dorms, not a makeshift living-room-to-bedroom kind of situation), or be in a stable relationship, or settle down in a city (instead of moving all over the map like I’ve been doing for the last four years and a half), or write a book (ha! as if), etc. etc. Feasible, foreseeable changes that can and might happen if I put in buckets-load of effort and with a little bit luck.

10) Develop a passion. Also a resolution pretending to be a goal. Some details: this year I want to focus on one of my passions, most likely writing, and put some meat on it. What a weird expression. Let’s try another. I want to give it some volume, pack on some weight, plant some seeds. I give up. Anyway, you get the point. Grow it, practice it more often, develop it professionally. This will most likely lead to more blogging. Yey! You now have more horribly-written and uninteresting posts to look forward to. That’s my new year present to you. You’re welcome.

Happy February!


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