Dear Mom

I cannot even begin to understand what it is like to be a mother, not yet. But from my narrow, small world, this is what I do know.

Before I was even born, you’ve sacrificed, laboured, and changed for me. Is there anyone else in the entire world that would or could love me more than you? I cannot have wished for a greater, wiser, more loving mother. My life, from the biggest moments down the smallest threads, have your fingerprints all over it. You have influenced me beyond measure. You have been the single, most positive element in my life.

I remember the times you’ve patiently sat with me late into the night so I didn’t have to study alone. I remember the lunches you carefully packed for me, the delicious food of which did not only bring me great enjoyment, but my friends loved it too. I remember that one night, you were so tired from endless days of work and taking care of me, that halfway toward home you took a pause in a little park and cried because you had no other way of releasing the bone-crushing exhaustion. I remember you at every one of my ballet and accordion lessons. I remember your fatigued face, cooking dinner, holding up two jobs and finishing a Masters in a foreign country all so I can have a brighter future. I remember you at every one of my parent-teacher conferences. I remember you at every minor and major turn in my life. Mom, I remember it all. All these years, everything you’ve done, every action you’ve taken, you’ve had me and my well-being in mind. All I can say is, thank you. Thank you for everything and more. Thank you for showing me how to be strong. Thank you for teaching me to read, to be independent and to be a decent human being. Thank you, for teaching me to love.

I hope you look back on your life and see what a colossal impact you’ve made. I hope you see what a trail-blazer you’ve been to me. I hope I’ve made you proud. I hope you are filled with a sense of accomplishment, and joy beyond expression. I hope you know that no matter where I am in the world, no matter how impatient and unbearable I act toward you at times, no matter how many fights we get in, that I love you. My love for you cannot ever come close to yours for me. But still, with all my heart, I love you.

Happy 50th mom.

Here’s to the next 50.


Your daughter


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