NYRs 2016 Edition


You thought I wasn’t going to do a New Years Resolution post this year didn’t you? You thought you escaped this age-old, mostly useless tradition. Well, you were wrong. I may not be the most optimistic person, but I’m hopeful. I’ve still got a few drops of faith in myself to actually achieve my NYRs, someday.

So year after year, the NYRs keep rolling in and I keep rolling with them. 2016, it seems, won’t start off any different than the previous years. 2016 will be a year of trying to accomplish 2015 NYRs that I laid out in 2014 as planned in 2013.

This year though, I’m trying some slightly new: achievable goals, aka. goals even a sloth can complete, potentially, we’ll see. I might just set a record for being the laziest human ever to live. Note to self: put that in 2017 NYRs.

  1. French: finally finish Le Petit Prince after years of struggling to get through one chapter. (“Voulez-vous coucher aver moi” is no longer acceptable as the only thing one can say in French.)
  2. Chinese: read one Chinese novel. (Stop bringing shame on the family.)
  3. Japanese: complete the Genki I textbook. (Note: Japanese sounds so cute, maybe some of its cuteness will spill over onto thy beastly self.)
  4. IT: actually learn to use Excel. (Stop screaming “witchcraft” and running out of the room every time a function works.)
  5. Exercise: achieve Victoria’s Secret Angel model body, swim twice a week. (Bright side: excuse to eat cake!)
  6. Economics: back to basics, relearn Micro- and Macro-econ 101. (Enlist major human help).
  7. Writing: at least two posts on this blog every month. (Eat cake as reward.)
  8. Reading: 25 books. (See TBR mountain.)
  9. Reading Part II: at least 5 non-fictions.
  10. Achieve immortality.Stop drinking. Do something crazy!

OK, that last one isn’t so concrete.  Good luck to all those who still observes this desperate, hopeless tradition.

Happy 2016!

(*Beautiful picture of unrelated stuff for maximum inspirational effect)



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