Dear Brexiteer


Dear Brexiteers,


You have changed this country forever.

For some of you, this referendum was the first time you have ever exercised your democratic privilege. For me, it was one of only a handful of times I was able to wield the power of democracy.

If I came up to you in person, I would find most of you well-educated, interesting, and friendly. We would hopefully laugh and talk over a few pints and rejoice in getting to know another great human being.

But I can’t see any of that right now.

You wanted your “independence”. You have now put this once-great nation on track to “taking back control”. You have refused to listen to the experts, and turned a blind eye to all the flashing, red STOP signs. You have made a decision that Britain cannot pull back from, now or ever.

Who do you expect to trade with if you are unwilling to trade with your closest neighbors? I assume you don’t want to trade with continental Europe because if you did, you wouldn’t have voted to leave its free-moving market. You would be smart enough to understand that a “free” Britain would have to adhere to all of the regulations and rules of the EU that have irritated you so much, in order to trade with the 500-million-strong Union.

Who do you expect to keep your biggest city and biggest source of subsistence running? I assume you don’t want London to exist anymore because you have spouted hate and disgust at all those NHS-sucking home-wrecking Europeans and immigrants who are here. This city grows and prospers because of the diversity of cultures and peoples, and the strength that lies in the harmonious union of all races. It breathes because of its multi-ethnic composition. Many of the iconic buildings, businesses, foods, and world-class organizations are born out of and maintained by this hardworking conglomerate of faces and bodies which you have just smashed to pieces.

How do you expect to defeat the terrorists? I assume they are no longer the enemy because you have made us the enemy. Your allies, your comrades in war, your battalion, you have turned your back on us. You have turned inward and broken the family. The terrorists must be celebrating in union with you. They love seeing a house divided.

How do you expect to keep your country together? I assume you don’t want Scotland anymore because you knew full well they don’t want to part with the EU. You couldn’t comprehend why they don’t want to be a part of the British family. It’s the same incomprehension I have of your decision to leave the European one.

I’m sorry for all the assumptions about you. I assume a lot of things about you, because I have never met you. But you have let your assumptions of me determine the future of this country and my fate. You have never met me. Yet, you want to chase away my closest friends. You want to kick me out for being lazy, unemployed and spoiled off your government benefits. You hate me without knowing a single thing about me. You hate my friends without knowing their kindness, their joy, their hard-work, and above all, their love for and contribution to your country.

They loved this country. They uprooted themselves because they have immense respect for you, and great admiration for this house of yours. They come to better themselves and in turn, that betters this once-great nation. And you, without even getting to know us, without even giving us a chance to express our gratitude for you and your welcoming arms, have spit in our faces and slammed the door.

Some of you voted to leave, out of spite for the “establishment”. “It’s nothing against you”, you would reason with me. But I have no sympathies for you because in your spite, you did not consider the greater good. You did not consider compassion. You did not consider love. You did not consider unity. You have made us fearful and lost. You have made me feel unwanted. You have made me unsympathetic to you.

I used to love this country. I remember the overflowing excitement of having arrived bright-eyed in a worldly city, in a tolerant and caring nation, and in a multicultural atmosphere that reminded me of home.

But you have shattered all of my illusions. You have destroyed my hope of a future here. You have betrayed my values. You have broken my heart.

So, I assume you are full of fear. I assume you are full of hate. I assume you are unkind. Because I can’t imagine anyone who is loving, compassionate and kind, to have done this to us, and even more, to have subjected their own homeland to this.

Good luck in trying to piece this country back together. I, for one, will not forgive and forget your hostility.

I wish you all the best to your isolated, xenophobic, and uncertain future, without us.

-An expat


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