Dear 48.1%


Dear 48.1%,

Thank you.

There are so many tweets, articles, and outcry against the outcome of this terrible referendum. There are so many broken hearts, and so much anger in the aftermath of this wreckage. I was angry too. I was heartbroken too. I was dejected too.

But this morning I woke up to new hope. I had given so much of my attention to the 51.9% that I neglected you. I neglected your openness. I neglected your triumph. I neglected your vote for unity, prosperity and harmony.

There are no words that can express my overflowing gratitude to you, the more than 16 million people who voted to remain in the Union. I had felt unwanted, unloved, and betrayed in the immediate hours following the results. I could barely move, paralyzed by confusion, fear, and fury. Yesterday, I mourned the losses.

Today, I will rejoice, because I have you. Thank you for voting for people like me. Thank you for bringing me back from the abyss of racism, hatred, and bigotry. Thank you for lighting hope in me again.

So instead of admitting defeat, wallowing in despair, and packing my bags to go, I will put faith in you. I have you as my allies, as my friends, as my support. So I will not leave in a heap of anger and sorrow. I will not leave you. I will stay, and fight with you, for your future, for my future, for our future together.

Thank you, for voting.



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