I am so, incredibly, utterly furious.

Nigel Farage, the racist bigot that led the racist UKIP (UK Independence Party) and the Leave Campaign of Brexit, just announced his resignation as leader of UKIP. Like Johnson, he wiped his hands of taking responsibility for pushing this country into complete chaos and confusion. He just ran away.

Two of the most prominent voices that successfully led the Leave Campaign has now quit.

They are finally showing their true, traitorous, cowardice colours.

Too bad it’s all too late.

Brexiteers, are you feeling stupid and fooled now?

Just to recap what you have done:

  • The pound has dropped to its lowest value in 30 years.
  • $3trillion was lost on the global stock market in 2 days.
  • David Cameron quit as Prime Minister.
  • Boris Johnson quit the race to become the next PM.
  • Farage and several other Leave Campaigners tried to distance themselves from their campaign slogan of putting the”£350 million” we send to the EU every week (it’s actually closer to £190m) towards NHS (National Health Service)
  • Scotland is threatening a second Independence referendum to leave the UK.
  • No one has a plan on Brexit. Not the government. Not the Brexit Campaign leadership. NO ONE.
  • The Opposition Party–the Labour Party–is in the midst of a coup d-etat of their leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

The most likely candidate to succeed Cameron is Therasa May, who voted Remain. So basically, the Brexit campaign leadership was made up of traitors and cowards. They have all either stabbed each other in the back or ran away with their tails between their legs. The country will be governed by a woman who voted Remain.

How. F*cking. Ironic.

The most heartbreaking of all this is the wider implications. The Brexit leadership campaigned on lies and broken promises. The fact that they succeeded in winning the referendum, is a sad and tragic testament to the ignorance of the masses in this country and the fundamental flaw of direct democracy.

“The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather of that party, not always the majority, that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections.”

The History of Freedom in Antiquity, 1877, Lord Acton


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