I will not. Be.


I will not be quiet.

That is not who I am.

I speak my thoughts with a conviction that may be too loud on the subway.

But I will not speak softly,

Because you are embarrassed by it.

I will not be “lady-like”.

I stride with a confidence that may be too overwhelming for some streets.

But I will not be demure,

Because you think it’s too much.

I will not be “chill”.

I embrace my feelings in all their splendour, that may be too emotional for some men.

But I will not be “cool”,

Because you can’t handle it.

I will not change for you,

Or for anyone who refuses to accept me as I am.

I will sing at the top of my lungs, all of the hits of the day,

And Tay-Tay.

I will enjoy every minute of what you consider “rom-com”, “chick-flick” trash.

I will cosy up in my onesie at home on Friday evenings and dance away your “FOMO”.

If you can’t take me on,

That is your problem,

Not mine.

I have no obligation to hold to your standards,

To what you think is right and proper.

Your labels do not define me.

Your words do not affect me.

You cannot change me.


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