Project 50

Failure has not discouraged me, it has only made me that much more determined.

Last year, while wandering away the days in wonderful Japan, I had a sudden, abrupt, shocking realization: I haven’t read one single book since graduating more than six months ago! So, as 2013 dawned on me, so did the idea that I should get reading!

It was a little absurd, having the benefit of hindsight, to dive into it so deeply by setting the goal of 50 books for my starting year. But from my many years as a collector of quotations and worthy exclamations, I’ve once came across a piece of wisdom telling me to reach for the moon so that even if I fail, I’ll still end up among the stars. Or something along those lines.

So, nevermind that I was defeated last year, I am marching into 2014 with a refreshed, some would still say, foolish and vain determination.  If you want to read my progression toward failure last year, by all means, be my guest: humiliation and downfall. Otherwise, continue to follow here as I conquer this written word dragon!


Challenge: 50 books by 11:59pm December 31, 2014*

Contender: A somewhat bruised, but still determined budding bookworm

Progress: Follow here


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