Book Reviews: Rating System

I am by no means even nearly a good reader/reviewer (as evident by my recent startup reading attempt and its resulting demise), even if I’ve developed an amateur system. But everyone is entitled to his/her non-aggressive opinions, and my book reviews aren’t usually very aggressive-bordering-on-dangerous, so I feel legitimate enough to post them.

First off, this is still a work-in-progress. Amateur, I know.

Thirdly (Secondly, is passed over. Just because I wanted to), my rating system is out of 5 stars. Below are attempts to catalogue which stars mean what, but I usually go with my gut when giving out stars (which makes everything below rather obsolete, but I just can’t say no to my instincts).



  1. For good plot or storyline
  2. For dynamic, rounded, memorable character(s)
  3. For amazing lessons/philosophy/values
  4. For exceptional writing
  5. For the je-ne-sais-quoi, the WOW-factor, that star-quality



  1. For fascinating, novel facts
  2. For professional, objective presentation of those facts
  3. For engaging delivery of those facts
  4. For passion that shines through the pages
  5. For changing my entire life view



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