30 Before 30

0d324d72-15b4-448b-8373-41a97b07874b_zps3cbeda3aCompleted: 3

In Progress:

Incomplete: 29

The 30 tasks to complete before my 30th birthday:

  1. Live in five different countries. (2010 France, 2011 Canada, 2012 Japan, 2013 China, 2014 UK)
  2. Read 50 books in one year. (Trying on size 30 this year)
  3. Memorise all the countries in the world and their rough location.
  4. Write a book.
  5. Be confident in a bikini.
  6. Join a drama club or theatre group.
  7. Take one photo a day for a year.
  8. Speak French fluently. (Been at this for eight years…one day though, it will happen!)
  9. Read/Write Chinese. (Still at it)
  10. Fall in love.
  11. Be a dog-owner.
  12. Enter a singing contest.
  13. Do LASIK Surgery. I’ve developed a new life philosophy: avoid surgery as much as I can. New goal:
  14. Live in New York City with style.
  15. Go skydiving.
  16. Learn graphic design. I’ve resigned to the fact that I can’t draw. New goal:
  17. Have at least 50 people in my black book. Definitely don’t care for connections purely for the sake of connections. New goal:
  18. Own 200+ physical books.
  19. Become financially independent.
  20. Own property.
  21. Say “Yes” for an entire week.
  22. Visit Antarctica or the Arctic.
  23. See the Northern Lights.
  24. Learn to bartend.
  25. Scubadive to the Great Barrier Reef.
  26. Go on a hot-air balloon ride.
  27. Spend New Years Eve in Time Square.
  28. Take an African Safari.
  29. Go for further education in a completely different field.
  30. Throw a themed dress-up birthday bash.

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